PlayOff Preview

PlayOff Preview

Muskego Warriors Boy’s Varsity First Playoff Game. 

Pink, pink, and pinker will be the student section for Muskego High School, this coming Friday. This week’s theme is a dedication to the American Breast Cancer Foundation. T-shirts were sold during the fifth hour. All donations go to finding a cure for breast cancer and improving patient care. 

On October 22, 2021, the Muskego Warrior boys will be playing against the Oconomoac Raccoons. The Warriors and Raccoons have already battled together in the previous season, but now they will battle again in the first playoff game of the season. The game will begin at 7 o’clock. The game will be held at Muskego High School. Since it is playoff season, students will begin to have to pay to enter. The entry fee is $6. Entry will be located at the gates cornered by the concession stands. 

Furthermore, Mr. Kunick, mental training Coor./OLB explained some of his concerns for this week’s game. “I just want to make sure our players are locked in and know the game plan. We practice certain checks and calls all week and it’s important that we are ready to execute those at game speed once the lights go on. I also want to make sure our players are in the correct frame of mind. Playoffs can bring extra pressure if you let it. Our goal is to remember that playing in the playoffs is a privilege and we should make sure to press pause and appreciate the moment on Friday.” Moving further into the interview, Mr.Kunick was asked what our team’s greatest strengths are he stated the following; “Our ability to respond to adversity is definitely one of our greatest strengths. Whether it’s the offense picking up the defense, or vice versa, or individual players having each other’s backs after each play, our team has shown time and time again that we are prepared for this moment because we know how to respond when things don’t go our way. In football, or any game for that matter, not everything is going to always work out the way you wanted it to, so how we respond in those moments will definitely be the key to our success.” Finally, key players/positions to look out for are, “Our defensive and offensive lines will both play key roles Friday. It sounds cliche, but if those two groups can control the line of scrimmage up front everything else gets easier from there. Both of those groups have worked extremely hard all year and have gotten better each week. Who we are now is a lot different than who we were in week five so I am excited for what those two groups are going to do this week.” 

As this interview comes to end, on behalf of the Muskego High School students and staff we want to wish all players and coaches good luck. The game will be in the low 40’s so dress appropriately and we cannot wait to cheer on our team. GO, WARRIORS!   

Friday Football Frenzy team of the week: Muskego Warriors