Screen, Foul, and Shoot.


Game faces on for it is that time of year again, girls basketball season! The Muskego girls have played a total of four-game, resulting in their status being 2-2. Second-year returning Coach Golomski is the head coach for varsity. With assistance from Coach Lucchesi. Both of these passionate coaches are doing a great job of training the girls. When observing the girl’s game two weeks ago against the Arrowhead Warhawks most of the players who were playing were of the freshman and sophomore class that seemed to work decently for the Warrior. Unfortunately, it was not enough to beat those Warhawks. The ending score of the game was 45-31 Warhawks. This year’s 2021-2022 Varsity roster includes the following players: Freshman #10 Autumn Dibb, Freshman #14 Cassidy Hemauer, Sophomore #20 Bella Miller, Sophomore #24 Addy Zacher, Senior #30 Erin Scheidt, Junior #31 Anna Muench, Senior #32 Mallory Noel, Junior #33 Maria Gard, Senior #34 Sierra Skack, Sophomore #40 Megan Reedy, Junior #41 Angie Olla, out injured but not forgotten Junior #44 Ryleigh Czarnecki.

On the first day of tryouts, Ryleigh had a horrible accident causing her to need surgery on her knee. The Warriors wished her good luck as her surgery took place on Tuesday, November 30th. It is said that she is doing well and having a good recovery. Last on the roaster but not the least is Senior #52 Ali Mims. The starting lineup does in fact change each game. It is impressive the amount of effort these ladies put into the game. From practices every day including days, they have games to weightlifting and watching films. It looks promising that this year’s season may be a good one. 

Overall, the Warriors are looking forward to what skills these girls have in store. Yesterday the ladies had a game on December 7, 2021. The game began at 7 and took place at Kenosha against the Kenosha Trempers. Last week the Waukesha district came together and wore baseball/softball jerseys for the young nine-year-old boy who sadly passed away in the horrific Waukesha Christmas Parade. Thank you to those who participated in supporting the community and supporting the girl’s varsity team when they played against Waukesha North!