Goodnight Friday Night Football #Seniors Signing Out 22′

Goodnight Friday Night Football #Seniors Signing Out 22

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard,” said, A.A. Milne. Muskego High School three-time state champs have sadly come to an end as the Mukwonago Indians won with a score of 35-14. The mighty Warriors worked hard, but unfortunately, it just was not enough. We are nothing but proud of our Seniors and want to take the time to say thank you to not only the football team, but the cheerleaders, dancers, parents, coaches, and student sections. From dancing in the rain to cheering in below-freezing temperatures we thank you for supporting the Muskego Warriors. Football is so much more than just a sport at Muskego High School, the players form connections bonding with each other for life. The students meet other students and eventually form friendships. Staff and faculty members get a night off during the school week to let loose and observe what amazing students they get to teach and see every day. Football is what made us scared Freshman kids into Senior young adults. 

Coach Ken Krause says this year, “My favorite memory was the Arrowhead game.  It was our Homecoming game and we had an awesome crowd and student section. We were down 42 to 31 with 6 minutes left.  We scored 3 touchdowns in the final 6 minutes and our defense came up with a huge stop.  We scored the winning touchdown with 31 seconds left in the game.” Next, Coach Krause has a bit to say about the senior boys he starts by saying, “This was one of my favorite teams to coach. These Seniors gave EVERYTHING they had.  They worked hard all offseason and they really worked hard in June and July four days a week doing our speed and agility and lifting program.  The seniors were super coachable and were great leaders. Some awesome accomplishments these seniors will FOREVER have: 

  1. 41 game winning streak – which is 8th longest in the history of Wisconsin high school football
  2. 25 game Classic Eight Winning Streak – which is the all-time record
  3. 4th straight Classic Eight Conference Championship – this is tied for the most consecutive ever.
  4. Never lost a home game in 4 years
  5. 10-2 record and final 8 in the state. 8 of our 10 wins were over playoff teams.”

 Landin Hey explains that his favorite memory is, “Whenever Coach Krause would yell at me for not remembering plays.” Chad Kuzmic also shares his favorite memory being, “when Ken almost spiking it on 4th against West.”  Lastly, some of the crowd’s favorite memories from this year are beating Arrowhead and then storming the field. Baby powder tradition for the white-out games. Homecoming week along with the game. 80’s workout. Overall football season is the one season we all looked forward to, and we seniors are glad we got to experience it one last time. 

Thank you; #9 Elliot Maringer, #10 Dylan Krause, #14 Matt Conner, #15 Adam Balcerak, #21 Colby Kleibor,  #22 Mitchell Makinen, #26 Hunter Logan, #29 Carson Holman, #35 Hunter Scafe, #36 Zach Kunze, #37 Alec Tewes, #38 Ryan Olsen, #39 Brock Ellerson, #41 Aaron Buxengard, #42 Sal Zizzo, #46 Heath Venne, #51 Dylan Cleveland, #55 Alex Johnson, #56 Nathaniel Zinke, #58 Landin Hey,  #59 Zachary Roper, #65 Kyle Bettinger, #68 Johnny Kutner, #72 Rome Johnson, #79 Hayden Wagner, #80 Chad Kuzmic, #90 Steven Wauer, and #91 Nikita Gladkov. 28 seniors, all one Warrior.