All the Places You’ll Go


Class Of 2022

More than halfway through the school year, our seniors are getting excited for their graduation and after high school plans. Although a few seniors are developing that inevitable case of senioritis, there are many seniors that will miss high school. Underclassman going to miss their upperclassman friends, helping them throughout high school and what to expect.

Seniors are excited to try new things, meet new people in college, begin their next step in life, and find a career. Ella Milsted, current senior, states, “I am really looking forward to getting out of my comfort zone, meeting new people, and furthering my education in a field that I am passionate about.” A few things a lot of seniors are going to miss are the sports, the relationships that were built, and their favorite teachers.  “Something that I am going to miss about high school is the atmosphere that surrounds MHS. Whether it be at the football games, the music department, or in classes; the students at Muskego High School have made me feel at home these past four year,” said Milsted. Ella played for Muskego Volleyball team for more than half her years; she says “my teammates are some of my best friends, leaving them is going to be very difficult for me.” All senior athletes are going to miss the sport that they played because the bonds that they got out of those sports, most of the athletes at Muskego don’t go on to play their sports in college, so their senior season is the last one they have. 

Underclassmen that are worried for their senior year, and what to expect, senior Ella Milsted offers this, “Some advice I could give younger grades for senior year classes would be, to try many different things.” Milsted took a criminology course, which was new to her and different from any other classes that she has taken. The classes that students take in high school can help them figure that out what they want to do after school. “Because of this class and my prior interest in the topic, I decided to study this field in college. If I would not have taken this class,  I am not sure I would have gone into this in college” Milsted says. 

Senior Ella Milsted
Senior: Ella Milsted

When it comes to options after high school; there are quite a few choices for students:  trades, military, community college, 4-year college, or even taking a gap year to figure things out. A lot of seniors at Muskego are going to college to further their education, to get a degree of their choosing. One of the most popular careers that students are going to college for is nursing, Ella is one that is not going for nursing “currently, I am deciding between going to college at UW-Platteville and UW-Milwaukee. I am planning to major in Criminal Justice, with a certificate in Law. Then after four years, I am going to apply to law firms or schools” says Milsted.

Seniors always have one thing they wish the would have known freshman year, but don’t realize it until their senior year. Milsted says “I would join clubs and sports. I joined the marching band my freshman year, and before the beginning of the school year I had known over 300 people. So my advice for incoming freshmen or underclassmen in general is to join clubs, sports or any activity through the high school.” More things that seniors struggle with, that freshman should know, is how to manage homework, friends, family, work, and extracurricular activities. That is one of the biggest struggles is how to manage everything, especially when the middle of the senior year hits, and most of the seniors get senioritis, where it is much harder for them to focus on school, and just want to be done and graduated.

Good luck to the seniors, you’re almost there!