2021-2022 Career Fair


Shayne Comp, Journalist

Every year the school does a career fair, where we have a bunch of people come in and talk to the students, about professions they are interested in. It is going to be on Thursday, December 16th. It will be a half day in person for the Career Fair, and the other half of the day will be virtual.

All grades are attending, 9-11 will be listening to the career presenters and 12th grade students will be participating in the Reality Check, which is a hands-on financial literacy event for high school students. With your assistance, we can really engage students about the cost of everyday living. Students begin by choosing a career they would like to have in the future. They are then assigned a fictitious marital status, one or more children, a monthly salary, and a credit score. On a designated day, students are then brought to a central location where they receive their life profile. After a short orientation, they must make financial decisions that will impact their “family” for one month. They are required to go from station to station and work with local volunteers to find and pay for housing, day-care, utilities, food, clothing, etc. that fit within their budget. There are also opportunities for unexpected positive and negative financial impacts. The students will learn from real world professionals.

  • Fields Careers that you’ll be talking with them about.

• other types of careers available in the field?
• What the professional does
• What type of education do you need to get into that position?
• What the professionals like about their career?
• What challenges do they face?
• What are the opportunities for advancement?
• Outlook for career?

This year it is a little different from previous years, 9 – 12 opportunities for all students to help them make informed decisions on next steps of their career path. Past years not all students had the opportunity to participate.  Students will listen to career presenters on various careers and fields and ask questions if they have any, or want to go further into a conversation.

From our students we are expected to follow the Warriors way. Be respectful to our business partners. Engage with the local business partners during the presentations. This is a great opportunity to help students build their network and career knowledge.