Behind the Scenes of Halftime


Friday night games aren’t Friday night games without the amazing halftime show performed by the dancers and the band. These dancers are all of a variety of ages. The Muskego Fall Girls practice two hours, two days a week, but in the Summer the girls practice every day for seven hours. There are no specific leaders, except that every senior is a leader/captain and there are 13 awesome seniors! The routine performed at this week’s first playoff game was a routine inspired by a camp the girls went to along with Emily, their coach. In addition, the seniors also contribute to the routines adding details and tweaking any moves that they best believe should be fixed. Senior, Ally Brent explains that her favorite halftime routine performed is, “Open pom or hip hop because they are crowd-pleasers, they are fun and they get us excited.” The Muskego high school student section is very supportive of our dancers and is tremendously proud to have them as our dance team. Coach Rachel Troyer stated that the girls took first place at the five routine dance camps. The girl’s competitions will also be starting soon. Senior, Kate Lett foreshadows the results of the competition as, “because we have such a large team this year, we are not going to do as well as we usually do, but I do believe that we will

 probably still take 2nd or 3rd place, but a minimum amount of 1sts.” Furthermore, Coach Rachel Troyer also included in the interview that there is a lot of opportunities for dancing outside of high school. Checking in with senior Audri Brezovar, Brezovar states, “I haven’t gotten any offers, but if I go to a school that isn’t a D1, then I plan to try out for their dance team.”

It may be the start of playoffs, but to the seniors, it feels like an end to a beautiful era in their high school experience. Senior dancer, Ava Trojanowski says, “I am probably going to miss the friendships I have made the most. There are already people who have graduated that I miss getting to see every day. A lot of the people I consider my best friends were the people I met through this team so I think that is what I am going to miss the mosts.” Muskego High School will always be proud of our dance team for years to come. Today we say good luck and thank you to this year’s seniors as they will start a new journey or continue their chapter of dance in the future.