Muskego Defeats Arrowhead at Homecoming!


Shayne Comp, Journalist

Friday September 24th, Muskego played Arrowhead for the homecoming game. Both teams put up a good fight during this game. The student section got loud, the band did amazing, and the boys played their hardest. The game started off with Warriors running onto the field and through a tunnel that the students made for them. Right before kickoff was the National Anthem.

To start out the game Muskego receives the ball. First play of the game Sam Steuber gets a touchdown! At 10:04 in the first quarter Steuber got another touchdown! About 3 minutes go down and Arrowhead gets their first touchdown for the game. First quarter and Muskego got their third touchdown by senior Carson Holman. Lots of good plays from the boys during the first quarter, and defense doing whatever they can to stop Arrowhead from scoring. To end the first quarter Arrowhead scores to make the score 21-14 Muskego in the lead.

To start the second quarter the dance and cheer team are getting the student section all ready for the rest of the game!  Muskego getting another 3 points for kicking, and right at the end of the quarter Arrowhead gets another touchdown to keep the game close, keeping the game at 24-21 at the end of the first half. The boys played a great first half and are going to give it their all the second half.

Half time show the drumline preformed 4 songs. Don’t Start Now, the second song was a mix of A Story of My Life and What Makes You Beautiful, the third song was the drumline feature called Concrete Beat, and the last one that band performed was Viva La Vida. The dance team danced to all of those songs to show all the school spirit. The dancers had their own performance too which was before the marching band. After the band performed, the football team walks out and gets ready for the second half of the game. The teams warm up a couple minutes before the second half so they are ready.

Right before the third quarter it starts to rain and ball gets slippery. The student section still getting our team hyped even if it is raining, if it is cold, Muskego brings it their all. Arrowhead takes the lead in third quarter and leaves Muskego down by 4 leaves the end of the quarter at 28-24 Arrowhead in the lead, making it a close game, and having Muskego come back from a rough 3rd quarter. During the third quarter there were a couple of penalties that set both teams back, but both pushed hard and fought.

Picture Credit: Bob George The final quarter starts and to start off the 4th quarter Muskego gets a touchdown by Carson Holman, this put Muskego in the lead with 31-28, keeping it close. With 11:33 left in the game Arrowhead scores another touchdown and takes the lead making the game 34-31. Muskego needs to step up their defense and keep it strong. Muskego’s defense starts to slip and they let Arrowhead score again and letting them take the bigger lead making the game 42-31. The fans, the students, the coaches not losing their hope in the team an still showing their Muskego spirit, cheering the boys on as loud as they can. Muskego needs to have an amazing come back during these last 10 minutes of the game. Holman gets his third touchdown this game to make the game a little closer, with only 5 minutes left and Muskego is down by 3. Right after that Holman yet again gets another touchdown, that puts him at his 5th one this game so far. The defense started to slip again towards the end and Arrowhead scores again with two minutes left and puts Arrowhead back in the lead. The crowd gets louder and louder to cheer on the boys, with 52 seconds left Muskego gets the last touchdown of the game and wins the game!

The end of the game the whole student section runs on the field and cheers on the Warrios to good win on Homecoming. With the final score being 53-49, and stayed a close game the whole time. Both teams put up a really good fight!

Good job Muskego!