Muskego Girls Wrestling: Stronger and More Experienced


Sofia Aliotta, Journalist

Muskego’s girls wrestling team is filled with new and returning athletes who are ready to show just how strong they really are. They have doubled in size from last season, so we can look forward to a solid team.

Coach Rouse, the girls wrestling instructor, states, “I really feel good about the upcoming season. I think we have a lot of really strong returning girls… that are gonna make a real big impact on this team.”

“We doubled in size from last year,” she continues, “so seeing them just go out and really dominate the mat this season is what I’m looking forward to.”

Coach Rouse also lists some goals she has for this year, a way for the team to push themselves and reach new heights in their efforts.

“My goal’s for this season [are] to work hard, push ourselves, become the best female wrestler we can be, and really show them that Muskego has a really dominate girl’s wrestling team.”

The wrestlers themselves are looking forward to put their all into this year. These competitive and hard working girls, Olivia Chavez and Killian Kiernan, expresses the feelings they get when they step onto the mat.

“Being a girls wrestler… definitely makes me feel more powerful, and being like ‘Haha, I’m just as good as [the] guys,’” Olivia says.

After Olivia, Killian voices, “We are good, maybe a little bit better.”

“While girl’s wrestling is still up and coming, I think the thing we need to look at as a programm is finding those highly competitive girls,” Coach Rouse says that she hopes to find even more strong girls who are interested in the wrestling team.

If you are a girl and are ready to show just how powerful you really are, go on ahead and join the wrestling team.