Who is Calling you Down to Student Services?

Meet Mrs. Andrews


Mrs. Andrews hard at work, and the GOAT mascot

Shayne Comp, Journalist

We hear her everyday calling us down to the office, but who is she?

Everyday kids getting called down to the office, but who is calling us to the office? Mrs. Andrews is the lady calling us to the office. She works the front desk in Student Services. She has been working at Muskego for almost 6 years.

Let’s get to know a little about Mrs. Andrews. She attended UW-Whitewater, she said “college was the highlight of my teens early 20’s. In college I took advantages of lots of opportunities like getting involved in with academic groups, and intramural sports”. Mrs. Andrews is the most helpful in Student Services. If you have a question, she has the answer–whether it is about, ACT, college, CONNECT Academy, or any other question you might have, Mrs. Andrews will have the answer for it. Mrs. Andrews spends her time on a variety of things: “Depending on the time of year, a lot of it is helping students meet with counselors and school psychologists. Preparing for ACT and Pre- ACT, and working with Mr.Michlig with CONNECT Academy” says Mrs. Andrews.

When it comes to Mrs. Andrew’s job, she has her goals she likes to focus on, and also the responsibilities she has. “My main goal is to help students meet with their counselor or help with questions, some of my other responsibilities include… sending transcripts, organizing ACT, and helping with CONNECT Academy,” she says. All the staff members have their favorite thing that they work on at the school. Mrs. Andrews favorite thing that she works on is “helping others and seeing a smile on their face when they leave Student Services”.  Out of all the events that Muskego has, Mrs. Andrew’s favorite events to go watch are volleyball games and track meets.

The kids who get called down to the office sometimes get worried because they think that they are in trouble, but Mrs. Andrews *laughed* “Student Services is the good office and you are not in trouble when you are called to the office”.  Student Services even has their own mascot, Mrs. Andrews says “we have a goat mascot because we are the greatest office of all time”