Rugby Recap!

Sophomore Olivia Chavez

After starting the season in July for the girls rugby team, the season just ended on Halloween. As being a team that has never played the game before, the girls put their all into it. It started as a team that did not know the game at all, besides a couple of girls that had played for other teams. Muskego practiced every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday to get their practice in. Not only did they have those three days of practices, but the girls got together outside of school and outside of rugby to do extra drills with one another, they also did extra laps to do conditioning.

Muskego played teams that were experienced before but they still fought hard each and every game, no matter how good the team was, no matter how tired the girls were, they fought and fought. With some fun along the way the girls still worked hard, they pushed one another and didn’t let one give up. The coaches were there at every practice and helped us get better throughout the season. Not only did the coaches teach the team new things, they also did every workout with them, got involved outside of practice, and even engaged in the girls student life too.

One of the Sophomores on the team, Olivia Chavez was one of the underclassman that brought a lot to the team. Chavez was strong, hard-working, diligent, and she brought a lot of good laughs to the team. For Olivia’s first year it went well for her. Chavez says “ after my first season I think it went good, I think that I have learned a lot, which helped me improve so much.  I would like to improve on my ball handling skills as long with my running I would like to improve my running and endurance by a lot”. 

When it came to Olivia playing rugby she looked up to multiple girls on the team, some of the upperclassmen. “who I looked up to the most on the team was Shayne Comp, Alana Perry, and Mia Sikorski, because they all had the best leadership skills on the team, they also knew how to handle the team when coaches were not at practice. They started practice without coaches being there and even had practices on days that coaches cancelled, just so we can be ready for our games in the weekend” Chavez said.

The team worked really well together throughout the season. They practiced hard together, played hard during the games, and had good communication skills through the games, which helped the team know where a girl is on the field, for example forwards would say “red left” or “red right” depending on the side that the forwards would be on. The girls worked on plays, and things that could help them improve.

Muskegos girls rugby team had their first try this past weekend, scored by Olivia Chavez, she definitely made history for Muskego. Until next season comes in spring for 7’s the girls are going to continue to train in the off season to be prepared to crush the next season!