Muskego Girls Wrestling Takes On Their First Home Meet!


Sophomore, Kyra Chartier

Shayne Comp, Journalist

Senior, Alana Perry

Muskego held their first home meet. Teams that were in this meet were, Muskego, Oconomowoc, Milwaukee Reagan, South Milwaukee, West Central, Whitnall, Brookfield Central. Some of the schools had more girls than others, so that caused some of the same teammates to wrestle each other because of the weight class they are in. Muskego girls put up a big fight of who they all wrestled. 

Being the first season for the girls they are doing great so far. They put in hard work everyday at practice and bring all that hard work with them to their matches. Coach Rouse is very proud of all of the girls on her team, during the matches there are some things that the girls can improve on, and the things they did well, “the girls kept their heads up, worked on the basics we talked about, and did not give up. Something we can work on is taking more advanced skills and applying them to our matches”. Each day the girls grow by just showing up and working on their skills. Rouse also talks about how the girls get ready for the matches and how they get pumped, “At weigh-ins we get pumped seeing who we are up against and visualizing how the match will go. The boys help us with the meets, and put the mats out for us. 

This season we have a couple of experienced wrestlers, and some that have never wrestled before. One of the girls that has never wrestled before is sophomore Olivia Chavez. It is Chavez’s first year ever, and she is undefeated this season so far, going 5-0! Chavez is a multi-sport athlete being on multiple softball teams, one outside of school and the one for Muskego. She is also on the Muskego rugby team. For her first year of being a wrestler there were some things that she did not expect, “I did not expect the amount of running that there would be in wrestling. The girls have to sprint each match we lose, and the boys lose as well. The boys do the same thing that the girls do with the sprints” said Chavez. Just like any other sport every athlete has their goals for the season, Chavez said “my goal for the season is to have more wins than losses and keep working on skills, also to learn more advanced skills. I just want to grow as a wrestler”.  

Muskego has a couple experienced wrestlers as well. Sophomore Kyra Chartier is an experienced wrestler. Kyra has wrestled since 6th grade. She used to wrestle for Waukesha West. Since Kyra has wrestled before she can bring a lot to the team, Chartier said “I can help the new girls learn the sport of wrestling and how they can grow, I can also help them achieve their goals”. Chartier also said “ when it comes to the other wrestlers I can help them by showing them what I know and teaching them what they can do, and how they can do it. I can grow by working on skills and more advanced skills as well”. Chartier can be a big leader with the team by helping the girls as much as she can with the skills she already knows. 

So far the season is going good, they have been working hard and representing Muskego. Rouse says “Our girls are doing great for more than half of them being first year wrestlers. Right now our best wrestler is Sophomore Olivia Chavez, being undefeated”. 

Keep up all the hard work girls!