Signing Day at MHS

Jasyn Tracey, Journalist

On April 14th, yet another signing day occurred in MHS. Signing day is when athletes in our school, mostly seniors, commit to playing sports at colleges around the country. Whether it be for football, volleyball, softball, or swimming, all of our athletes will have a great time at whichever college they have chosen.

On this day, 20 of our Muskego athletes have officially announced where they will be continuing their sports and academic careers. As we are very proud of our Warriors, we congratulate our student-athletes and wish them nothing but the best on and off the field, court, or track, and in and out of the pool.

The following students announced their commitment:

Jordyn Hahlen – UW-Lacrosse (Swim)

Jordyn Czarapata – UW-Whitewater (Soccer)

Mitchell Crawley – UW Stevens Point (Baseball)

Anthony Tomczak – UW Stevens Point (Baseball)

Caleb Boudreau – UW Eau Claire (XC)

Ashley Kopp – UW Stevens Point (Volleyball)

Kyle Mason – UW-Whitewater (Football)

Josh Bulski – Macalester College (Football)

Adam Fisher – South Dakota University (Swimming)

Isabelle Kennedy – Ripon College (Basketball)

Joseph Schaefer – Lakeland College (Football)

Joey Lawrence – UW Stevens Point (Football)

Ani Oxborough – UW Stevens Point (XC & Track)

Maddie Oxborough – UW Stevens Point (XC & Track)

Lexi Jorgensen – St. Olaf’s (Skiing)

Tyrese Missiaen – UW-Milwaukee (Diving)

Nabeel Bhimani – Carrol University (esports)

Nolan Anderson – Grand Valley State University (Swimming)

Max Schmitt – Southwest Minnesota State University (Track & Field)

Andrew Durham – UW- Stevens Point (Football)