Cell Phones in Class


Shayne Comp, Journalist

Googling answers, texting during class, sending answers to friends that have the same class as you, not paying attention to the teacher. Cell phones have taken over the way we communicate, but they can be annoying for teachers. 

Students at Muskego high-school use their phone almost every class, they can get side tracked and go on Snapchat when they just meant to check the time. Students being on their phone takes time away from the teachers who are trying to educate us and get us prepared for the future, but we decide to be on our phones and take up our teachers time. 

Cell phones have apps on their phones that can help us with homework, or we can look something up when we struggle with a definition, math problem, or any research we might have to do.

Students being on their phone during class is taking away their learning. Their teachers can help them more than their phones can. Teachers agree with the phone policy the school gives us, but it can get frustrating when a student doesn’t put their phone away. “I feel like it has improved the last two years” says Mrs. Hartig.

Cell phones impact students learning because when they check their phone they won’t pay attention in class,  they will be more worried about who is texting them or worried about a Snapchat they got, that they feel the need to answer it right away. “It is easy for a student to miss important information, examples, and homework, when their attention is divided between class and their cell phone”, says Mrs. Hartig.

Most students go to school for 8 hours a day and might need some break here and there, but being on our phone isn’t helping us learn, and negatively impacts our learning. Remember this next time you go to reach for your phone.