Career Fair x Connect Academy Lunch-in!


What is a better excuse to miss class than a career fair held at your school?! April 5, 2022, Muskego High School held a career fair that took place in the Salentine gymnasium. Schools like Mukwonago and Whitnall had also attended this special event. Students gained knowledge about all different kinds of careers. Such as careers that are involved with a lot of machinery, technology, products, food ingredients, family-owned businesses, hands-on specialties, and many more. Each station present at this event gave a brief detailed description of what their job offers and then focused on a target audience, at the end of the “presentation” some stations did offer gifts and goodies. Furthermore, those who participate in the Connect Academy program attended a delightful lunch-in April 7, 2022, in room 243. The school provided fellow guests and students with Qudoba!! While everyone enjoyed a great meal there were speakers within the Waukesha County community that came in and shared their current jobs. In addition, they went into detail about where they started and the process of how they got where they are today. The Lunch-in took began at 12:30 and ended at 2 p.m. It was a successful meeting with lots of helpful information. Overall, MHS does a delightful job of giving its students opportunities to explore their pathways.