Women of Will Superstars!

Meet the MHS Women of Will


Muskego’s Women of Will is helping all female athletes promote the sports they are in, and female sports in general. Sponsored by Under Armour, it is led by Coach Rouse, coach of girls rugby and girls wrestling, and also led by Coach Beeck, coach of cross country and track. Women of Will is helping change the culture of women’s athletic program. Beeck says “It is making males aware of the great things females are capable of.” Muskego has Women of Will shirts that were being sold to support the female athletes, not just at our school but all around the world, the male athletes would be walking around the halls wearing their shirts and showing their support towards the female athletes. The male athletes also show their support by attending the female events. Alana Perry says, “a Women of Will athlete is someone who demonstrates perseverance and determination everyday.” Women athletes respect themselves and everyone around them and always look to get back up when they get knocked down.

Senior, Alana Perry Sports: XC, Track, Lacrosse, Rugby, and Wrestling

When it comes to the impact for females and playing sports, there are positive impacts and negative impacts. Positive impacts can be the achievements the athletes get for their sport; another positive impact is  just being part of a female sport during this generation. With the generation today being a female athlete is big. Olivia Chavez says “ I feel powerful as a female athlete because I feel that it is more normalized for females to play male dominated sports” the past couple of years female sports have been more up and coming. Female athletes feel more confident in their ability playing a stereotypical male sport, because most male athletes think that girls can’t do what they do, which is not the case at all, most female athletes can play the sports men do if not better. 

Junior, Ella Kratochvil Sports: Soccer and Volleyball

Women of Will for coaches and athletes mean more than just that. Ella Kratochvil says “I would never have shown up to so many games or meets if it wasn’t for this program.” Women of Will helped Ella grow in her sports and helped and showed up for her team. The program is about support as well. Kratochvil stated, “Being able to show my support for the girls not only in this program, but all our female athletes here at Muskego, is one of the best feelings.” Women of Will not only just means a lot to the athletes, but the coaches of these athletes, coach Beeck states “being a Women of Will coach gives me the opportunity to help females realize what amazing people they are.” Coaches have goals for what they want for their athletes, “I want to empower females to be strong confident women who are known for the incredible things they are able to do” says Beeck. 

Just like any athlete, there are always advantages and disadvantages. Being able to understand one another and relate to one another is a good aspect to have. Alana Perry says “everyone is supportive of each other and bulbs each other up since a lot of females go through a lot of the same struggles.” Male and female both go through struggles, whether it is with emotional health, fitness, friendships. A lot of those struggles can drain an athlete. Perry states “there is another side of where it can be emotionally, mentally and physically draining, due to stigma around what a female athlete’s body should look like.” Not only do the females have advantages but coaches have advantages being a female coach. Rouse states “it is an advantage being a coach to female athletes since I can see what they are going through, and being a female athlete growing up, I can relate and bond  with them”.  

Sophomore, Olivia Chavez              Sports: Rugby, Softball, and Wrestling

Motivation is a big thing every athlete is either good at having or sometimes needs to work on, when it comes to sports. Different sports can have the athlete be motivated in a different way, whether it is coaches, teammates, parents, but most importantly the athlete themself. Multi-sport athletes have to have lots of motivation. Teammates are a huge motivator for one another; especially if an athlete feels like giving up. Chavez states “there was a time when I was really down on myself when I kept losing, my team pushed me to have more confidence that I knew I had in the beginning.” Other athletes like Alana Perry went from practice to practice, being tired, and having school work to do on top of all of those sports. Long days for athletes was the motivation coaches were looking for. “I knew that every long day and every hard practice was making me better” says Perry. Alana not only used her long days to motivate her, but she used the conditioning and the new skills she learned with all the sports she plays. Just like Perry, Kratochvil motivates herself, she puts in the hard work, and is very dedicated to her sports, “I take time everyday to do something that will make me better, I have been getting in the weight room” says Kratochvil. 

The Women of Will program has brought a lot to these female athletes and the coaches, not only that but hoping to change female sports, and getting more support for female athletes all around the world. Muskego’s girls have a big impact on younger female athletes that are currently looking up to them. Muskego’s Women of Will athletes are making a difference.