Muskego Boys Wrestling Have All the Moves To State

Congratulations to the following as they will be making their way to state! Cael Zelinski-9 Cole Reid-9 Matt Kinzel-11 Adam Dzievit-11 Dylan Cleveland-12 Emmett Bock-12


Muskego Boy’s Wrestling, for the first time in twelve years, takes the wheel as they are on the road to state! The Warriors are extremely proud of the boys as they will compete in UW-Madison. Coach Fortmann says, “what made this opportunity for our team possible is all the hard work they put in. We knew we had a pretty great opportunity when we saw the regional and sectional brackets come out. You have to go out and seize the opportunities you are given and we were able to do that!”

Furthermore, team managers Grace Terlion and Sophie McNally state, “I think what has been working for the guys is working to build a better family mentality because our slogan is “us” meaning everyone not just one person, and a new dynamic is starting to shake out, which shows in their performances.” In addition, Grace added, “they are putting more time into it. Most of the guys do club season year-round which allows them to improve their performance and get better as well as they have been doing morning practices to help them get that extra time in while in-season.”

“Our team has worked their tails off to earn this opportunity. We trained all off-season, were here in the morning, late at night, everything. We as coaches worked them hard and told them there would be a light at the end of the season and all the work is paying off. There’s no other group I would rather coach!”

— Coach Fortmann

Some wrestlers to follow closely include seniors Austin Elger and Dylan Cleveland. Dylan said, “My individual goal is to leave everything out on the mat and make my final matches count as I go for the podium spot.” He also said, “our goal for the team is to see our six wrestlers go as far as possible. See everyone succeed this week. Lastly, see our team work together to score as many team points as at the state. It’ll be a chance to showcase our team against the best in the state.”

“Go to safe moves only,” is a term used when an individual is grabbing one arm with both hands to gain control, which is also known as a 2-on-1. This term refers to the winning of a wrestler. This is also a term that the Muskego Boys Wrestling team will hopefully be familiar with as they take on the state. Good luck boys! Muskego Warriors cannot express how proud we are of our boy’s wrestling team!