She Shoots, She Scores!


Bella Olla, Journalist

The Muskego Warriors had faced the Mukwonago Indians at the beginning of the season which ended with a score of 47-57, but on Tuesday, January 25 the girls and crowd said goodbye to those Mukwonago Indians as they walked off Muskego Warrior territory without a win. With a final score of 50-41, the girls celebrate a great victory and what could be the start of a great winning streak. Furthermore, the girl’s next game took place on Friday, January 28, and ended with a huge crowd celebration. Not only was Friday a special day due to the girl’s win, but because it was the Muskego High School annual Winterizer! 

With loads of events that were offered from a time span of 5-9. To start off the night 5:00 PM Wrestling + Pep band. 5:30 PM Girls Hockey @ponds. 6:00 PM Classic 8 Diving meet. 6:15 PM Boys Hockey + Youth night @wilson. 6:30 PM Girls Basketball + youth poms. Lastly, 8:00 PM Boys basketball + youth cheer. The events had great turnouts, which made it even more special.

To go more in-depth about the girl’s game on Friday they won with a score of 51-46. Great plays by the Warriors and even better teamwork. Each player played strongly and it paid off. Junior Angie Olla, #41 got her very own first charge. For those who do not know that term, it is an offensive foul and a block by a defensive foul. When a charge is called, it means that an offensive player has made significant contact with a defender that has an established position. What that meant for the Warriors was the beautiful moment that involved the referee pointing their arm to the other end of the court. That signal means that the play is now going the other way, which favors the defensive team aka the Muskego Warriors! The excitement does not stop there, senior Sierra Skack #34 got interviewed by Dave Radcliffe/Freeman staff, because of the great game that was played. Sierra scored a total of 14 points. Overall, the Muskego Warriors seem to be turning their game around as they are now 9-9 and are 4-7 in the sixth classic eight leagues. Keep cheering for those Muskego Warriors!