Class of 2021: Where are they now?

This is the class of 2022 last year of high school, but for the class of 2021 this is their first year out of high school. Some may have chosen the path of college others may have gone a different route. Three Muskego high school graduates, all three proceeded to go their own separate ways. 

Class of 2021: Where are they now?

Nate Lois was a senior at Muskego high school who decided to not go to college but instead enter into the trades. His hobbies included baseball and basketball. When speaking with Nate he spoke very highly of the trades he proceeded to say, “I work construction because I was very interested in it and I love doing it. I would definitely recommend students to go into the trades because it is a great opportunity to make very good money while doing good work for the community.” He later said “I did not go to college because it was kind of a waste for me because construction does not require a college education.” Personally, the trades are an amazing option for those whose careers/majors are not defined by a college degree! 

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Brenna Skelton a highly intelligent senior at Muskego high school who graduated with an amazing GPA. Brenna took her intelligence and took on Marquette University! During the conversation with Brenna she told us how life was outside of high school, “Life outside of high school is good, but it is a big change. I choose to attend Marquette University because they have many programs and classes that will benefit my major. It is also close to home, which allows me to see my friends and family. Adding on to our discussion she started to get into talking about how college is different from high school and what to expect, “College is different from high school because most of it is self taught. You can not rely just on your teacher’s lecture, you also have to do individual research and reading to successfully learn the material.”

Last but not least Lukas Henneberry, Muskego’s one of many Henneberry students. Lukas, a Platteville Pioneer, was telling us about his college experience. When asked to give current high school students advice she simply stated, 

“Every student needs to learn to be able to live on their own and do stuff by themselves and be independent. Most of the time no one is going to be there to guide you through school and missing assignments. You go through school and life during college so you have to be an adult and be able to do it yourself.” Lukas will one day be a future Mechanical Engineer!

Overall, if some students do not feel that college is a fit for them, hopefully they will consider the trades as it is a great way to be put to work and make good money to financially support oneself! For those hoping to pursue a career that college offers the best advice is to make sure that campus feels like home and has the degree you want to achieve in!