Feature: Sophia Balistreri

Feature: Sophia Balistreri

Soccer. A sport that consists of only using legs and tricks to win the game. Unfortunately, last year Muskego High School did not have a soccer season due to covid, but this year things are not the same. 

Sophia Balistreri is a varsity soccer player on MHS. She is a center attacking mid, which means she is both defensive and offensive. The position that she plays involves a lot of running.

We asked how she thought the season was going and she replied with, “I would say so far our season is going pretty well. We have been so far an undefeated team. The team just has a lot of drive and passion and I think at the rate we are going through we should have a pretty successful rest of the season.” 

Overall, the Muskego girls soccer team has never let down the school. With their amazing skills and their strong team bond these girls are unstoppable! 

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