Things to know about Matt Stachowiak

Matt Stachowiak blocking a shot from an opponent on Kettle Moraine

Jamie Kollman

Matt Stachowiak blocking a shot from an opponent on Kettle Moraine

Taking a deeper look into our high school basketball team, we’re looking at a captain on the varsity team, Matt Stachowiak.

Matt is a small forward on the team that has been playing for as long as he remembers. He loves every aspect of the game. He has a very strong passion for the game and his teammates, which gives him the drive to continue to play. Since he has been playing for so long, he has formed plenty of strong relationships with teammates and coaches throughout his years.

According to Matt, he thinks that the Muskego varsity team’s biggest strength is their “defense and defensive communication, we take pride in our defense and believe that good defense translates into good offense. With this, the team has excellent communication, which leads to a sense of brotherhood off of the court.

Playing alongside his teammates and the exciting feeling of being on the court makes for a good time for him. He loves the adrenaline and the tense environment of the game.

After high school, Matt will be continuing his education. He has been accepted to UW-Oshkosh, UW-Milwaukee, Carroll, and UW-Whitewater. Although he does not plan on playing right now, if given the opportunity, he would not shy away from playing for a second. His love for basketball is not going away any time soon.