Meet Mr. Doiron!


Muskego has gotten a lot of new staff this year and provides new classes with these new teachers. This year Muskego has a new teacher Mr. Doiron. He is the new teacher for Intro to Healthcare Careers “ it is an overview of opportunities students have for working in the medical field” said Mr. Doiron. Another class he teaches is Medical Terminology which is “teaching students the language they need to work in the medical field” says Mr. Doiron. He also teaches AVID which helps students apply themselves to all their academic skills with all the other classes they are in. 

Mr. Doiron always wanted to be a teacher but didn’t always want to do the work for it.  Mr. Doiron says “I  always wanted to be a teacher but didn’t do the course work until he got his masters. It was very fun and rewarding to get my masters”.  The college he went to “Marmek in north vanderove mass, transferred after Gordon. Both were small, Marmack was a catholic school and liked the service and both had very good biology programs which was my major” said Doiron. He has taught at other schools before he came to Muskego,  “I taught at Randolph high school in Massachusetts, and a charter school in boston and a charter school in Milwaukee”. 

Just like how other teachers have said in the past Mr. Doiron Muskego is different from other schools he has taught at “Muskego is definitely a school that has a lot of school pride, it was the only school I worked at that hasn’t been in the city. School with the kids that are most involved in sports/activities and lots of school spirit”. 

Mr. Doiron is a great teacher that Muskego welcomes him!