Basketball Season is Back!

Coach Cerroni

Coach Cerroni

Shayne Comp, Journalist

It is here! The boys basketball team is working hard to get ready for the games and the season they are going to have this year. This year the boys got a new coach, he is also a new teacher at Muskego as well. Coach Cerroni  has taught at coached at Sussex Hamilton from 2015-2018, then from 2018-2021 he worked at Brookfield East, and now he works at Muskego, teaching Medical Terminology, Health Careers, and AVID 10.

Tryouts for the boys were a couple of weeks ago and went good for the boys, “the boys have been working extremely hard so far this year. They battled through two-a-day practices and have shown consistent effort throughout our first

week” said Coach Cerroni. Just like other years no matter who the coach is, the boys put in all their effort to make each season better than the last. The plan this year that coach has is ” The game plan for our team this year is to develop a place where everyone has a great experience and feels valued regardless of their role”.

Just like any other year, there are always goals for coaches and for the team, ” As a coach, my goal is to impact lives and help the boys on our team grow into young men. As for the team, I am completely invested in every player’s growth and the growth of the team”, said Cerroni. This year we are glad to see the boys take on all these games and grow as a team and as individuals along the way.

Good luck to the boys this season!

Senior Dylan Krause