The Running Coach


Image of Varsity Girls Cross Country team receiving the WIAA State Champions award for 2018

Isabella Garofani

From track fields to cross country parks, Coach Raney is running all over the place! One must first know that Mr. Raney is an Economics teacher at MHS and has been the head coach for the Girls Cross Country and Track team since 2005. Raney recently received an award for his excellent coaching and was named the state cross country coach of the year. Coach Raney remarks that receiving this award made he very humbled and embarrassed. Raney went on to further share that the “strength of coaching cross country is dependent on the strength of the community.” All the coaches part of the cross country and track team at MHS work together as a whole to support every athlete to succeed to the best of their abilities. Raney is extremely thankful for achieving these awards, but is still puzzled on how he was chosen to receive them!

In the future, Raney hopes to see his motto, “Be better tomorrow than yesterday,” in every MHS athletic department. Coach Raney wants to keep building a better community in the future at MHS and believes that one must invest in the process to achieve certain goals. As for the exciting track season currently in progress, the Muskego track team hopes to live up to their title again when they finished strong in 3rd at the track state meet last year. Raney believes that by achieving greater opportunities, one must continue getting better everyday and every week.

Participating in any club or sport at MHS has made many students achieve countless opportunities. Many students at MHS carry Warriors pride and set determination to achieve their goals related to their futures and interests. Whether studying for an important exam to training for state to auditioning for chorale at MHS, running any race in life can be a challenge, but when that final step is taken with determination, the excitement and reward of finishing strong makes a person strive for greater opportunities.