Muskego Then V.S. Now!

Muskego Then V.S. Now!

Muskego has been around for many years, lots of things has changed since then, like technology, sports, lunch, and many different things. A Muskego staff member Mrs. Wagner is a teacher in Special Education, and has been a teacher for 23 years but working with Muskego for 6 years, she also went to Muskego, class of 1986.

School back then was different than what we have now with grades and the different grading systems. “There were no AP courses, there was just several different kinds of math, there was traditional grading. Kids didn’t get 4.7 gpa’s because it didn’t exist. For grades there was a paper report card, if the grades were bad you had to get to the mail before your parents did. They couldn’t retake test like how you can now, there was extra credit instead of retaking” says Mrs.Wagner. 

Sports were kind of the same but a little different than how they are now. “There was not as much attention for girls sports back then, like how it is now. There were very basic facilities, nothing like the access you have now. Just like now football is the sport that brought the school together” Says Mrs. Wagner. Our school takes the sports very seriously, we get big crowds and the Warrior students support each other at sporting events to show the school spirit.

Lunch was a big difference now than how it was. They had one option for food, and now we have like 5 or 6 options to choose from, with your food they would get a plastic tray, Mrs. Wagner talks about what the lunch was like, “you would get a token to make sure you turned your tray in, also you got paper lunch tickets that you would punch when you get your lunch”. Much different then what Muskego has today, now we can just sca our ID, we don’t get a tray unless you want one, but lunch has changed a lot since then.

One big thing that changed a lot was technology, when Mrs.Wagner was in school she didn’t have computers to look something up like we have now,  if they wanted to look something up they had to use the card catalog or the encyclopedia and it took forever.they had an option to take a class that involved computers and for math we had to workout the problems, we couldn’t always use a calculator, like how we can now” “Our teachers used to say to us, you need to learn your math facts because you won’t have a calculator with you all the time” Mrs. Wagner said. 

There was a big difference from then to now besides technology. Mrs. Wagner talks

Mrs. Wagner when she was in Highschool, class of 1986! Not much has changed!!

about how students towards college is different. “the biggest difference is not much of a focus on kids setting their sights on college, some kids had plans for college and most kids did not, but now more kids are focusing on college and getting to where they need to be”. 

It is amazing to see all the new additions and expansions to our beautiful high school, and yet when I walk through parts of the building I remember exactly how it was in the 80’s. I love that the old is mixed with the new. I am proud that I attended Muskego High School and raised my three kids through Muskego High School”.