Welcome Ms.Mathews!


Shayne Comp

Ms. Mathews working hard in her new classroom!

Shayne Comp, Journalist

This 2020-2021 year we have a new history teacher who teaches U.S. History and Modern World History, and next semester she is teaching Economics. In the future, she says “I hope to one day teach AP Government & Politics!” Ms. Mathews previously taught at Carmen Northwest High School, a charter school on the Northwest side of Milwaukee. She went to Marquette University and graduated in 2018 with a degree in Secondary Education and an additional major in Political Science and a minor in Broadfield Social Studies.

Ms. Mathews knew she wanted to be a teacher since she was a little girl. “My grandma was an 8th grade history teacher. She babysat me and we would “play school” with stuffed animals. Naturally, I was always the teacher! I fell in love with history specifically in 8th grade because I had a phenomenal teacher who inspired me immensely. Ever since 8th grade, I knew that I would become a history teacher, just like my grandma”.

She taught at a charter school which is different from Muskego. ” Muskego is extremely different from Carmen in many ways. I’m coming from a school with little resources and lack of funding to a district with solid funding and a plethora of resources. I am grateful for the experience I gained at Carmen, but I am so excited to be somewhere I know I can utilize the resources to become a better teacher and grow in my career” says Ms. Mathews.

Just like any teacher this year is much different and hard because of COVID but a little harder for a teacher with her first year at Muskego not knowing what to expect from her students or the differences that she

Ms. Mathews, new history teacher!

would have to get used to. “My first year teaching at Muskego is going very well despite COVID! I work with great teachers in the department who collaborate and work together to make lesson planning very manageable. The team work keeps me going, so I don’t feel as overwhelmed with all the additional COVID requirements as I could be.”  “Teaching online and in-person at the same time is definitely a different experience, but overall, it’s going pretty smoothly. Before we got our Hovercams, it was very difficult, but the new technology has made the simultaneous teaching much easier” say Ms. Mathews.

We welcome her to the Warrior family and we are glad to have her!