AP and CAPP Biology go to SEPA

Bella Mendez

On April 9th the students from Muskego High Schools CAPP and AP biology went to a conference called SEPA.  SEPA stands for Science Education Partnership Award.  SEPA is an organization that funds STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematic) and Informal Science education projects.  SEPA ultimately helps students to create partnerships with organizations that can make their projects a reality.  Students projects are evaluated in order to make sure the projects are effective and efficient. The students who went to the conference created projects of their own in which they presented to other students and teachers.

Their topics were picked after doing two labs, they chose which they liked better and did deeper research with the topic.  At this conference students spent the day presenting their projects, listening to key speakers and listened to others projects.  The students had an opportunity to walk around and ask others questions about their projects and then they flipped roles and were asked questions about their projects.  Students were highly encouraged to ask questions and get involved to learn more they were even rewarded prizes for asking questions.