Prom is in the Air


Julia Wendland

The feelings of prom are rising in the air. Girls are purchasing princess ball gowns while boys are thinking of unique ways to ask their date to the dance of a lifetime. As prom expenses are arising, the Junior Class of Muskego High School put together a fundraiser at Alpine Lanes on January 13.

This year prom expenses are increasing because of the new venue of the dance. Instead of continuing the dance at Country Springs, prom will be taken place at the Italian Community Center in downtown Milwaukee. Because of the event being held in a less safe part of town, coach buses are needed to ensure all students of Muskego High School a safe commute.

Featured are Julia Wendland and Alexis Shannon, the Junior Class Vice President and the Junior Class Secretary.

The fundraiser took place last Sunday for three hours. An entrance fee was given by each participant which included two games of bowling and a buffet with soda and pizza. Also at the bowling alley was a raffle with forty-eight prizes from participating businesses throughout Muskego and nearby communities. Throughout the entirety of the day, there were fifty-seven participants that came and supported the Junior Class Prom. At the end of the day, $1062 were raised to go towards the expenses that are continually increasing for this year’s prom. Although these expenses won’t cover for all of the prices on prom, the amount does make a positive impact. The Junior Class Vice President says, “little by little we will keep fundraising to meet our goal to pay for all of the buses. I hope to have prom tickets less than $70 so nothing but hard work from here on out!”

Taken by Julia Wendland.
Featured in this photo are all forty-eight raffle items set up on a table at Alpine Lanes.

Not only is this the only fundraiser for the Junior Class Prom, but there will be a Culver’s fundraiser held on January 29 from 5:00-9:00 pm at the Muskego Culver’s location. Each person that buys an item from Culver’s helps to raise money so the prom tickets become cheaper. Help to join the participants in donating and come to Culver’s on January 29!