Are you a 1Warrior? If you are…

Greetings 1Warrior!
Last Year’s 1Warriors Photo Credit Bob Fredrick
We are pleased to announce that MHS will be showcasing one 1Warrior night per each sport and club event (when available) throughout the school year. The hope is each one of you will come to support your fellow 1Warrior in their chosen co-curricular activity. We want to pack the house for each of these events.
If you are involved in a co-curricular sport, club, or marching band you should receive a 1Warrior shirt.  When an event is designated as 1Warrior Night, wear your shirt. Can you imagine the impact? In addition when you wear your shirt, it will come with special benefits. But we won’t reveal. You will have to show up to find out!
Watch for emails and announcements to inform you each of the events.