MHS Welcomes the Incoming Freshmen


Kim Aide

Mentor Warriors Welcome the Class of 2022

Julia Wendland

The feeling of walking into high school as a freshman on the first day of school is one of terror and uncertainty that no one can forget. As a program to help the transition among all freshman entering Muskego High School, some teachers came together to create Warriors 101. Warriors 101 is a program a few days before the start of school allowing incoming freshman to become aware of the high school.

Credit to Mrs. Aide for photo
Mentors Complete Ice Breaker Activities with Freshmen

Freshmen come at the start of the day and are put into a group led by two mentors. The mentors are students at the high school who are familiar with the surroundings and are known leaders. As soon as all of the freshmen arrive, the fun begins. Students become acquainted with the principal and a few freshmen teachers. After the introductions mentors start icebreakers allowing the freshmen in the small groups to become familiar with one another. This part allows each freshman to know at least one person when they come to the high school on the first day. After the icebreakers, a game of goosechase starts among all small groups. Students parade around the halls of the entire school searching for areas that they are supposed to find. When the game of goosechase comes to an end, the entire freshman class sits in the auditorium and listens to common questions and fears asked. The feeling of fear and worry is beginning to lift off each of the freshmans shoulders. When the question and answer session comes to a close, every student gets introduced to their counselor who will keep them in the loop for the next four years of their high school career. The next activity is the most helpful in my opinion, the freshmen get to walk their schedules with a mocked five minute passing time and are able to meet each of their teachers for the year. Mentors are stationed throughout the school helping out students who look a bit confused or lost when going to their classes. When the mock of the entire day has finished, students are gathered for one last time in the Salentine Gym. Cheerleaders come in showing freshmen chants for football games and pep rallies so they are not intimidated. Each of these activities is a welcome to the incoming freshmen class and showing them how to be a part of the Warrior Nation.



Mentor Warriors Welcome the Class of 2022

“This year is exactly how we as advisors envisioned it from the beginning” states Mrs. Aide one of the English teachers at Muskego High School. All of the advisors were so grateful for the willingness from the mentors to participate and the way they made the freshmen excited to become a warrior. Mrs. Aide believes that Warriors 101 really allowed, “the freshmen feel like they were part of the Warrior family.” As for the incoming freshmen, the feeling of terror on their first day won’t be a part of their memory.