Senior’s Signing Out

Seniors Signing Out

Saying goodbye is by far a lot easier on paper than it is in person. But how thankful am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard is a quote said by A.A. Milne. Throughout my years of high school, I have learned many ideas. For example, when dividing and multiplying with a fraction with your calculator you must use parenthesis otherwise you are going to fail the tests. If you go to the football games make sure to dress in the theme and cheer on your Muskego Warriors otherwise the spirit squad might get you. Do not be afraid to join clubs or new sports. Go to the school dances, because in the end you will only regret not going. DO NOT let social media define who you are as a person. Social media is just a way to share what is going on in everyone’s life, do not live through social media. In high school, you’ll most likely have many best friends but just remember in the girl world if it comes down to you and your best friend liking the same guy you best hope they were raised right. Many friendships end due to gossip or because of boys, do not let a boy ruin a great friendship.

Furthermore, the girl world is equivalent to being the smallest and most hunted animal. Girls can be vicious. As much as you are going to want to hide from the world to get away from those kinds of people do not, do what makes you happy. My time at Muskego High School has been filled with many laughs, creative writing pieces, stress-induced tears, new friendships, and wonderful teachers such as my digital mass media teachers, Mr.Matson and Mrs.Hirtz. Both are so encouraging and secure. They have never made me feel like I could not accomplish anything. If I had to recommend two teachers for students next year I would without hesitation recommend Mr.Matson and Mrs.Hirtz.


As high school comes to an end for the class of 2022 a new journey begins in the fall whether it is college, the military, the trades, or the union. Each one of us begins what one would call, “adulthood.” My plans for after high school are to go to college to pursue a major in counseling psychology with a minor in forensic psychology.With that being said I am attending the University of Wisconsin – Platteville for my first year with hopes to transfer to the University of Wisconsin -La Crosse. I want to thank Principal Irvine and Assistant Principal Mr. Dunbar for all the wonderful things they do to make this school a better place. This is senior, Isabella Olla, signing out.