7’s Season is Here!


Shayne Comp, Journalist

Spring is here, that means girls rugby is back for the 7’s season! The girls worked hard in off season, training and getting everything done, and did what they could to get better for this season. The first tournament was over the weekend, and Muskego won all the games that they had.

7’s season is different from 15’s season. One is played in the fall and the other one is played in the spring. In the 15’s the players have two 30 minute halves with 15 people on the field from each team, and in the 7’s the players have two 7 minute halves with 7 people on each team on the field at once. Each girl puts in their hard work for these halves and pushes themselves as hard as they can. 

A lot of returning players from the fall season that played in the past tournament, Alana Perry, Olivia Chavez, Serenity Witzlsteiner, Tiffany Hingtgen, these were Muskego’s returning players that started in the tournament. All these players played their hardest, and showed their warrior pride. 

Some players like playing 7’s more than 15’s but miss the fall season a little more, junior Serenity Witzlsteiner says “I miss playing with more people. I like the spring season because there is more open space for more running.” Serenity is one of the backs in rugby and loves to run, she always brings it her all during all the games, and during practices. Coach Nina Rouse talks about how the fall and spring season is different from one another, “ Less players on the field, more opportunities for us to use our speed and agility rather than strength and endurance, ” Rouse says. 

Muskego had struggles in the fall season when it came to games, they had tough competition but trained hard in the off season to get to the point where they are right now. The past weekend Muskego won all three of their games, “It felt great, it gave more confidence to those that played in the fall that we can really be competitive and bring home a win. It was great as a coach to see these players succeed,” Rouse said. The girls first games over the weekend after a long winter of training getting prepared for this season, and their first ever 7’s game playing, not being used to it yet, Serenity says “It was fun, but sprained my ankle during the game and was out the rest of the tournament. It is really different from the fall, and I feel like we have to be more aware of everything that is going on,” that is how her first game was for the spring season. 

As the season goes on there are still some things to be improved, lots of hard work the athletes need to put in, but certain things that the players can work on, and there are also things that the players do very well in, Rouse says “Endurance, endurance, endurance. You can never be in too good of shape” the girls go on 3 mile runs on off days without the coaches, to get together as a team and do a run, this is also a good team bonding experience, laughing, talking, listening to music while getting better for the season. “We are always there for eachother, pushing each other in practice helping everyone get better. Each day we learn and grow as a team, and it builds amazing relationships,” Serenity says. 

Good luck to the Girls Rugby team in their season!