Insight on the mindset of the coaches and players on game day

Don’t show up to the game if you aren’t ready for the intensity that the boys bring to the turf, and the students bring to the stands. The school is ready to win the game!

Lilly Weber Carroll

The homecoming game will be taking place on September 24th, at 7pm going against Arrowhead on our home field. The theme is Warriors spirit!

Our goal is to take home the win to lead us on our way to the playoffs, hoping the boys will lead us to victory and by the  help of the parents and students’ energy and cheering  we will send Arrowhead home.

Varsity Coach Kunick tells the team  “Be the best energy team in the state,” before he sends them out to the field on game day.

This is one of the most exciting days of the year, and all the students at Muskego High School show their Warrior spirit.

“Getting the opportunity to play in front of the community who has built the best environment over the years, and being able to play with the people we grew up with,” states Hunter Logan Muskego Varsity’s  Running back.

The boys are ready to take on the field and beat Arrowhead, show up to the Inpro field to cheer on the team!