Softball Season Off to a Great Start!


Cardie McCormick and Jaiden Peltier

Shayne Comp, Journalist

Muskego girls softball split into their own teams now and aren’t practicing as one big team anymore. There are four teams this year: Varsity, JV-Black, JV-Red, and JV-White; all teams are doing good so far this season. JV-Black has a great group of athletes that love the game, and not only that, the girls are building more connections with each other just in the three weeks because they have been together so far and have two amazing coaches.

The coaches for the team are Coach Kloc, and Coach Becker. They both have been coaches for a while and they both coach different ages other than High School. “I have been coaching for many years. I have spent these “many” years coaching both basketball and softball.  Currently focusing on softball.  I am truly grateful to coach the JV Black High School girls softball team and also the girls 12 team at STiKS” says Coach Kloc. 

JV Black has a good start to the season Coach Kloc says “The start of the season has been incredible.  The girls have created an atmosphere that is fun, positive, and hardworking.  This group of girls is motivated and determined to give their best 100% of the time.  I am so impressed with the time and dedication these girls give.  It shows in their play and their willingness to make mistakes and learn from them.  They continue to grow together as a team and continue to grow and learn to become the best softball teammate they can be.  Makes me smile!” The girls work hard every game and practice. If they make a mistake the other girls pick the one girl up, the team is always picking one another up. 

Softball players have goals for themselves throughout the season as an individual and as a team too, some goals might be to improve offense or defense or some might be a simple one to just at least get a hit or some playing time. A couple of the players have their goals, “As an individual, my goal is to be the best leader I can be for my team and just be the best me I can be. As a goal for the team, I want us to just have fun while playing the sport we love” says Cardie McCormick. Not only do players have goals for themselves and the team, but so do the coaches. Coach Kloc’s goal is “For the rest of the season is to support the girls in all aspects of their world.  I want the girls to be excited about playing softball and their teammates.  I want them to want to come to practice excited, always putting in 100%, laughing and having fun, and making new positive connections.  Learning about each of the players-what motivates them, what they are interested in and how they learn best!  The girls will set individual goals and team goals and determine how they will reach their goals.”

COVID made an impact on the players in the matter of a year. Last year the girls didn’t get a season because of it, and this season was pushed back too. Kloc says “COVID canceled our last season so this season only brings more excitement! More determination! More willingness to learn! More learning opportunities! More motivation! More grit! More fun”! The game is still the same nothing is different because of COVID, other than the girls can’t shake hands at the end of the game, and they have to wear their mask in the dugout, but when they are batting or in the field they don’t have to wear one. 

JV Black has had multiple games so far this season, and have their ways on how to prepare for the game. “I love the game of softball and I love coaching a group of girls who bring their best 100% of the time!  They inspire me each day and I look forward to practice and games each week.  Preparation for the games comes from their work at practice, the energy they bring, their jokes and of course snacks!  We all enjoy a good snack and song!” says Coach Kloc. Jaiden Peltier also has her game days of how she gets hyped. “Game days start off with everyone getting their eye black done, dynamics and hitting drills. We listen to music, laugh and I can’t forget about Coach Klocs PB&J’s. We hype ourselves up with our playlist we made in the beginning of the season with our favorite songs.”

Coach Kloc getting ready for the game!

The team has a lot of strengths, and one of the biggest strengths is communication. They talk in the field and always pick up one another when they are down. The girls aren’t’ the only ones with strengths on the team. Coaches have them too, and Coach Kloc’s is “Maybe we need to ask coach Becker or the girls what my strengths are.  I hope they would say…helps create a positive environment, has the knowledge for skill development, and motivates the team!” Cardie and Jaiden said “Coach Kloc is all around a happy person which is needed for every softball team. She knows how to act serious when needed, but can get goofy if she needs to make the team laugh. With her coaching us, our wins and loses don’t bring us down as much since she always finds a positive way to think out of losing. ”

Good luck to the rest of the girls this season!