Reflection of the 2020-2021 school year

Reflection of the 2020-2021 school year

Bella Olla, Journalist

As this year is coming to an end, the seniors are getting ready for graduation along with beginning the start of their adulthood lives. The juniors are preparing for their last year of high school. 

Starting off with what the seniors have to say, Alexis Gettelman, online senior, said that this year, “Went okay, sometimes it’s hard to always be in the groove of things, but with the right motivation it was the best choice for me.” Adding on with her experience of online school she said, “I got to see some of my friends’ fifth hour and eat lunch with them too so I still had some social aspects of school. With online school I also get to go at my own pace with all of my other school work, which makes life a lot less stressful.” She explained through her experience some of the challenges and advantages of online school by saying, “The challenges are being able to set up a schedule and stay with it. You have to have self control because you have the option to sleep in or just do whatever you want. Doing that only sets yourself up for failure, so after a week or two I finally started to get on some type of schedule. The advantages are you have a lot of independence. For me independence is great because I can do things on my own time, when I have the right mindset. It’s also a great way to learn how to do things on your own and advocate for yourself because you don’t have a teacher telling you what to do.” When ending the interview we asked what her plan is for after graduation, she happily replied saying, “I am excited for graduation and ready to start this new part of my life because I think I am ready. I plan to go to Alverno for nursing and working as a CNA throughout college till I can work my way up.”

Lukas Henneberry at WCS with the Mayor!

Moving on to in person senior, Lukas Henneberry, he explained her experience of in person school as, “I feel like it was a lot better to do school in person, and be able to go in person for my last year in the Muskego Norway School district. It was nice being able to finish the high school experience with all of my friends.” When we asked if there was anything different this year that there wasn’t last year that he would change he said respectfully, “Well I don’t like the masks, but I know in order to go to school I have to wear one. Otherwise everything else this year seems the same even though it isn’t. The mask for sure is one thing that was different from last year that was kind of annoying.” When ending our interview we asked the same question, what are his plans after graduation? He replied with, “I am extremely excited for graduation, and I have plans to work full time this summer leading up until college at Platteville and continue my education in mechanical engineering for four years.”

Kathryn Lett and Coach Hirtz!

Now it’s the juniors turn for questions. We asked Kate Lett, in person junior, her thoughts on this year, she responded with, “I think this year was very different than any other year, there were many very disappointing things that happened. I wish that prom and homecoming had been the same.” Furthermore, we asked how she felt about becoming a senior next year, she said, “I am really nervous going into Senior year because I am hoping it will be normal but it is not looking promising.” 

Last but not least we spoke to Sophia Balistreri, online Junior, she explaniend her experience of online school as, “Overall online school went well. I think the first week was definitely an adjustment and it was challenging to understand the program at first. I would definitely do online school again. I really liked having control of my schedule and choosing when I was able to do school. Example would be my situation when I would be busy with soccer. I was able to get ahead and better plan school work and extracurricular activities because I was online.” She explained that, “The challenges of online school was being able to have the motivation and drive to want to do the work because you are not going to class everyday. I think an advantage is that you get to be very independent with your learning and you are able to control the pace you choose to go at.” Lastly, we asked how she felt about being a senior next year and she said, “I have mixed feelings about next year and being a senior. I am excited to be able to plan out my next four years of my life, but I am also nervous on if I will make the right decision for college and just knowing that high school will be over and having to say goodbye from the last four years of my life.”

Overall, this year has been different from previous years, but it was amazing that the eniors got to finish out their senior year in person or online (if that is what they chose to do). It’s a scary thought that the seniors will be leaving Muskego High School and this year’s juniors will be the new seniors, but it is also an exciting year as it will be our last year before we start our adulthood lives.