Think Pink!


Shayne Comp, Journalist

Think Pink, so many people placed online orders to get our Think Pink shirts. Different way of ordering them this year but more shirts sold than expected!

Around 200 shirts were sold to support people with cancer or survivors of cancer. “For the first time we moved to online sales and we were worried we wouldn’t sell as many as previous years, but ended up selling more” says Morgan Tews. The shirts were bought for the Pink Out football game for Friday 10/16. Our school goes all out and supports the football players by going to the game, but also by buying the pink shirts while supporting the cancer survivors.

Think Pink shirts were made so the school can raise money for American Breast Cancer Foundation. “The money goes towards more research and better hospital care for those suffering from breast cancer” says Morgan. The shirts were a big sell this year and Morgan did a good job setting it all up, and the Warriors did a good job raising the money for the people with Breast Cancer that needs the help.