Staying Safe During COVID


Jasyn Tracey

Ashlynn Banks and Alexis Riva during lunch, doing their best at social distancing at school

Jasyn Tracey, Journalist

As COVID-19 cases are fluctuating in Wisconsin, it is hard to tell when it will be over. Social distancing is needed to properly keep people safe and healthy. As much as people might want to see their friends, the safety of everyone is more important. There is a list of many activities you can do to see your friends while living in our new normal. 

Some outdoor activities, such as biking, walking, or jogging are fine as long as you stay six or more feet away from others. If you’re not feeling very active and you’d rather have a picnic, this is okay too! As long as you’re socially distanced and everyone uses their own utensils, food, and blankets. 

As it is now okay to go to restaurants, please keep this to a minimum and make sure you are feeling your very best to do so. This is a higher risk activity because you have to take your mask off for your meal.  Try to avoid indoor dining as much as possible.

For those who may want to attend religious services, it is okay to do so, as long as you have a face covering. If possible, it is best to attend when it is less crowded. 

Going to the grocery store is a necessity, but make sure you know exactly what you need. For larger stores, make a list of everything you may want or need, follow the floor arrows to help foot traffic, pay attention to markings on the ground when you’re standing in lines, and avoid browsing and peak store times. Many of the same rules apply for smaller stores, but make sure you are doing your part by waiting in line patiently until you are admitted. 

While these are just a few of the activities to do, there are many more with different rules and guidelines to stay safe while staying safe during these times. As hard as it may be, please try your best to social distance and think about others that may be at high risk. Wear your mask correctly, keep it on as long as you’re around others, and follow the rules of the many places you may go. This is our new reality. If everyone does their part, we will be able to return to normal. Stay safe so we can stay open!

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