MHS Warriors VS Waukesha South BlackShirts!

This week Friday the 11th Muskego plays Waukesha South at 7 p.m. Muskegos record is 1-4 and Waukesha South’s record is 1-3.


Last season Muskego went 14-11. They started the season very strong, winning some games that would make the team hype up, but when the season got to the end, the team started to lose energy. “Our biggest strength was playing as a team. We knew where everyone would be on the court and off the court our heads were in the game” Says Ali Mims. The Problem they had last year was “not focusing in practice and when it came down to crunch time in a game we couldn’t execute well” Ali says. 

Last season when they played Waukesha South, they played fairly well, they won in overtime by 5 points. “We struggled on defense but pulled through in offense. The stands were fairly packed as well and the gym was pretty loud” says Ali. “I feel like our team is finally getting something going and finally trusting each other. South has lost a couple of their important seniors but they still have a strong team. If we fix a few things on defense I feel that we can win the game” Ali says.

This year many changes have happened for our girls basketball team. Ali talks about how hard it is with covid going on, “With covid it is really hard because we have to wear masks now and playing basketball in general is very hard but with masks on it takes so much more out of you” This year they got a new coach, Coach Goplamski that is different from Coach Hirtz last year. “The new coach definitely  has a different take on basketball than coach Hirtz, but it is working very well for us. She implemented a new offense and we do a lot of more conditioning this year than what we did last year, now we are able to have energy the whole game”. Lets hope that this season is a little better than last year and that the team keeps getting stronger and build more as a team. Good luck Warriors on Friday!