Tori Kelly Rocks Muskego High School

May 11, 2016


     On Friday May 6th, Tori Kelly visited Muskego High School thanks to Goodwill. Goodwill set up a competition earlier this school year for schools to donate the most clothes to their community’s Goodwill, and guess what? Thanks to the generosity of the community, Muskego High School was awarded the concert, as a result of donating over 75,000 items! Tori Kelly started her singing career with American Idol; now, at the latest Grammy awards, she was nominated for Best New Artist. Her performance included her hit songs, performed acoustically, Hollow and Unbreakable Smile– resulting in the crowd singing along.  Tori Kelly has made it a long way since American Idol, starting her Unbreakable tour that same night!

     In addition to the private concert, Rachel Zawicki and Lexa Van Fleet led a pep rally for winter sport state qualifiers. Congratulations to all of those mentioned at the pep rally: the boys Basketball team, the team engineers who advanced to Internationals, forensic gold medalists, and Lauren Stigler. Kiss FM will be holding more competitions in the upcoming years; keep showing your Muskego Warrior pride!

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