1984 Book Review

By: George Orwell

1984 Book Review

Katie Starosta

Genre: Young Adult, Drama, and Mysterybig brother

Plot Synopsis: Winston Smith is a low ranking member of the ruling form of government called “the Party” in London. Everywhere Winston goes he is watched by the eyes of the Party whose leader is  known to all of society as “Big Brother”. Winston is not even safe with the thoughts within his own head, even there he fears he may be charged on committing a thoughtcrime. The party’s goal is watch everyone through telescreens and posters to prevent any form of political rebellion. In order to do this the Party must remain in ultimate control of everyone, deciding what they know as right from wrong, and up from down. After being pushed so far Winston dares to question the motives of the Party, and bravely discovers what is the meaning behind this untouchable leader named “Big Brother”.

Story Review: After reading this book I think that George Orwell wrote a wonderful and haunting interpretation of the future of mankind. I appreciated Orwell’s ability to persuade the reader into the body of Winston-clueless to what society has become. This is a chilling story that makes one stop and think about how time affects each generation. What types of horrors will become the new norm for us? I was astounded by his ability to predict what civilization can become with a lack of privacy and  ultimate possession. Orwell had a given talent for opening the eyes of and awareness of all readers. We need to ask ourselves more, why are things the way they are? The following quote demonstrates One of Orwell’s themes in the story spoken by Winston, “In general, the greater the understanding, the greater the delusion: the more intelligent, the less sane”(191). After you read this this story I think you will find being very careful about the decisions you make about others, and how you express yourself to others. This is not really a story, merely a piece of the future reality. I mean it when I say although it may be fearful, we all need to read this book!