Mr. Michaud loses a bet…Mr. Dunbar dressed in his daily attire.
Mr. Michaud loses a bet…Mr. Dunbar dressed in his daily attire.

MHS Students Raising Money for a Good Cause

...And Teachers Will Pay for It

May 18, 2016

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     Muskego High School would like to inform you of the new event that student council put on this year, charity week. This fundraiser took place the week of April 11th (Monday 4/11 and Friday 4/15), with daily morning announcements that informed students and staff about the particular charities. Every day was dedicated to a different charity and each day two teachers competed to raise the most money. The 10 teacher competitors made up a team with Mr. Irvine and Mr. Dunbar as their captains. The team who raised the most money got to decide what their opponent wore to school the following friday.


Here’s a list of the days and teacher who competed for that certain day:

Monday: “All About Cancer” Donations to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (Mr. Bertrandt Vs. Mr. Raney)

Tuesday: “All About Animals” Donations to the Worldwide Animal Fund (Ms. Jung Vs. Ms. Lee)

Wednesday: “Keep the Heart Beating” Donations to the American Heart Association (Mr. Troller Vs. Mr. Matthews)

Thursday: “Keeping America Fed” Donations to Feeding America (Mr. Passler Vs. Mr. Michaud)

Friday: “Be an Angel and Help a Soldier” Donations to Soldiers’ Angels (Ms. Michels Vs. Ms. LB)


     The fundraiser was ran by Muskego Student Council’s Melody King, and raised $1,200. This would not have been possible without the support of the staff and students at MHS. The competition resulted in a victory for team Irvine. Here are some photos of this new and memorable fundraiser!


How do NASA’s actions affect you?


Pretty much everybody has heard of NASA. They know the basics- it’s a government funded organization that handles space and science. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration decided a while ago that they wouldn’t have any manned space missions for an unspecified period of time. This basically means that they aren’t sending astronauts into space for while, and further exploration of the moon and planets like Mars are postponed until later notice.
How does affect you? Instead of manned space travel, NASA is shifting its focus over to other things. One of these things is military advantages of space and the development of military defense weapons. Some speculators around the military in space idea predict that the next great war may take place in space. The average citizen should be informed instead of ignorant at what a possible “space war” could bring. Another way this affects everybody is that whether or not NASA focuses on manned space travel or not depends on what presidential administration is in power. Because the Trump Administration has just taken office, this could mean new changes for NASA. It’s important for everyone to know and be informed how the President and his administration plan to distribute the federal budget among various government agencies. Finally, this also affects people because there could be some very big changes for the space industry soon. Many private organizations, which are not affiliated with NASA, are taking over space exploration and working towards little discoveries that help improve the average citizen’s life. The exploration efforts of NASA and private organizations should be a concern of us all.
As stated earlier, space war could be a real threat in the future. NASA is trying to prepare for this by switching their focus to military defense in space. Some people are worried if the United States puts weapons into space it could not only be seen as an act of aggression, but also other countries might all rush to get their own weapons in space which could possibly make the upcoming space war come a lot sooner. Supporters of military defense in space argue that space war is inevitable and will happen anyways, so we should be prepared if that day ever comes. Some people think that NASA is turning into another branch of the military rather than something that is supposed to be separate and created for the purpose of science and enhancing knowledge of the universe. Either way, we should all be informed in case something like this becomes a reality or option for our country if conflict breaks out. If aggressors take aim at our freedom and liberty, it is our duty as citizens to be informed in our country’s international relationships and how we might defend ourselves if this situation arises.
Every president that comes into office changes one or many things about NASA. They control what NASA’s prime focus is at the time and the budgeting that they receive. The Obama Administration, for example, decided not to focus on the international Mars mission because it was not a priority for their administration. The Trump Administration had different priorities. They have to decide what programs from NASA they want to scratch completely and which ones they want to accelerate. The international Mars mission took a backseat for the last eight years, but Trump Administration says that they are going to shift the focus back onto it. They are also going to cancel the asteroid trip (which Obama favored instead of a trip to the moon), and they are planning a possible return to the moon to gather intel and information for international Mars mission. The new administration is also eliminating NASA’s Earth science agenda and cutting NASA’s education offices. They also plan on resurrecting the National Space Council, which hasn’t existed since 1993 during the George H.W. Bush Administration. It also seems that Trump’s Administration will focus more on space exploration instead of climate change and other vital Earthen functions. The Administration is cutting NASA’s budget by .2 billion, putting NASA on an even more restricted budget. We should be informed about the President’s plans as United States citizens. We should all know how our presiding leaders plan to lead the country and how they plan to distribute the federal budget.
Private space organizations are gaining more and more speed in terms of what they are capable of. These organizations would not only look into big projects, such as the Mars endeavor, but narrow in on smaller ones that would make day to day life better and easier. The more things they discover, the better life can be now and in the future. These new space organizations are looking into projects such as weather sciences, forecasting crops, geographical observations, and environmental monitoring. It’s fitting that these organizations are looking into these areas, since the Trump Administration is cutting Earth sciences for NASA. This way, projects underneath the Earth sciences category still are being worked on, just by organizations other than NASA. If these new space organizations become successful enough, their innovations could greatly make people’s jobs easier and more efficient. The success in these organizations also may create more jobs for the American people. These new space organizations might not only contribute to space exploration, but also to the American economy. We know now that new space organizations could play a key role in our nation’s future and could provide even the average citizen with opportunities they have never had access to before. It’s important for us to be aware of the changes that may take place in the space industry, and how they affect us.
With this newfound knowledge, you can now be informed about NASA’s potential shift towards military weapons, and be aware of a potential space war. We can all be knowledgeable on the Trump Administration’s future plans for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and have a general idea of how much of the federal budget they sending to NASA. Everyone can also know the possible opportunities that new space programs open up for the average citizen. It’s important for us to be informed, instead of ignorant and left in the dark. Overall, the work NASA and other space organizations do isn’t just something that should be left for rocket scientists to handle; it affects us all.

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