Girls Varsity Volleyball Match

Bump, Set, Spike! On Tuesday the girls varsity team will be playing against Waukesha West.


Capri Yeater, Social Media

The girls are pumped and ready to verse Waukesha West this Tuesday, September 28th from 7pm to 9pm. The game will take place at Muskego High School in the Salentine Gym. 

Currently the girls have an overall of 19-3 this fall season. They have been working hard towards their new goals such as having faster plays.

“Our team is very competitive, we all have the same goal, to make it to state,” said Abbi Hassforth, setter for the team. 

The team this year consists of 14 girls ranging from sophomores to seniors. Although the ages may differ, all the girls have plenty of experience making them a great team overall. 

This season has seen some changes since last year. “It’s definitely a lot different than last year having a whole new coaching staff, but it’s a lot more fun without covid protocols,” Hassforth stated. 

Motivation is key to a successful game. Hassforth explained that she and other girls on the team like to indulge in some caffeinated drinks such as coffee and listen to music together before a game. She followed it up with how “it’s one of [her] favorite parts of game day.”

The girls can’t wait to see how their hard work has paid off in this upcoming game. They have been pushing themselves to perfect their skills and improve their plays to prepare for game day. 

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