2021 Track Season


The Muskego Track and Field season is doing well this season. A lot of different events, a lot of athletes, lots of competition. Track has many events that the athletes can participate in, it isn’t all just running, some is throwing too.

One of the track athletes Mia McCarroll has been in track since she was in 5th grade, “I wanted to do track because I’ve been doing it since 5th grade and it is a fun way for me to get in shape and hangout with my friends” says Mia. Track is a good way to stay healthy and get into a school sport, a lot of the  athletes build new connections due to track. The girls get put in events with some people they might not know, and they will build friendships off of that, so that is a reason to be part of track too.

Mia does a couple of different events in track, Mia says “I do the throwing in track, I do shot put and discus, and my goal for throwing is to improve my personal record and to throw 26 feet in shot put.” Mia’s season is going very well for her too, she increased her personal record by 26 feet in shot put, and still has some of her goals she wants to achieve too.

The throwers are doing good and they have placed highly in all the team relays so far. There are two throwing coaches “Coach Smith and Coach Fleischmann, they are very nice and patient, they also help the throwers improve while making everyone feel equal and welcomed” Says Mia.  Mia has improved in throwing she said “our coaches put us in weight lifting and have been willing to spend many hours perfecting our form so we are ready for the meets”

The season is almost coming to an end with state on June 21 at UW-La Crosse. All the events there are in track has the potential for an athlete to be part of the state competition.

Good luck to all the track athletes!