Great Electives!


Course Registration. A day dedicated to picking classes for the following year. With courses coming around the corner there were a few classes to be suggested. If one is looking for a very hands on, exciting, eat for free class, the school suggests the cooking classes taught by two amazing teachers: Mrs. Federal and Mrs.Hogue. 

A little more about Mrs.Federal is she teaches the following classes: Culinary Arts, a class that prepares students to become self-sufficient in the kitchen in all aspects from planning, preparation, and presentation. Learns about food, nutrition, and wellness continually change to reflect the realities of today’s world. All grade levels are allowed to take this class. Baking and Pastry Arts, which prepare students to become self-sufficient in the kitchen in all aspects from planning, preparation, and presentation. Food, nutrition, and wellness continually change to reflect the realities of today’s world. All grades are also allowed to take this class. Interior Design, a class that works with learning about the design process, completing 8 exercises, completing an interior design portfolio and creating three professional design boards.Grades 10-12 can take this class. Lastly, Aspiring Educators (CAPP), This course offered through UW-Oshkosh will provide students considering teaching as a career opportunity to explore our American Educational System.  The main purpose of this course is to develop an informed understanding of what it means to be a professional PK-12 teacher and to encourage critical perspectives of the relationship between the individual, school, and society. Grades 11-12 are eligible to take this class. All of these classes are one semester with ½ a credit. Mrs. Federal wrote, “Labs are still happening for cooking classes! Students are able to stay in their groups and have labs pretty much the same way we always have! We have been lucky that our school has allowed us to run lab classes. As long as students follow the rules of wearing masks, sanitizing and washing their hands, classes have run really smoothly.” In Mrs.Federal’s kitchens a few things that have changed are: less seating chart changes, one person serves the food and cohorts. 

Mrs.Hogue teaches a good class known as: Taste of Culture, which is a course that explores connections between what we eat and cultures around us. As we move around the globe, this course will cover the influence of various regions as it relates to customs, cuisines and cooking methods. Different cultures and groups will be explored through food. In order to take this class you must PASS Culinary Arts 1. That means a Freshman can take the class but ONLY if they had Culinary Arts 1 first semester. Typically most students are sophomores – seniors. A little more about Taste of Culture explained by Mrs.Hogue, “For each country we cover we make at least 3 culturally relevant recipes. Each kitchen will make the same thing for two recipes and then the 3rd recipe will be different. This way we can make and taste many different dishes. I also like to change the recipes each semester just to keep things interesting! Since we make SO MUCH here are just a few things we make: for Great Britain we will be making Sticky Toffee Pudding, Scones, and British Sausage Rolls. For Germany we make German Meatballs, for France we make Crepes with peach sauce, and,  Croque Monsieur and for China, we make chicken fried rice and crab Rangoon. We do cover MANY more countries though!!!” As before Mrs.Federal discussed the new covid changes for her classroom, Now Mrs.Hogue will explain a few new adjustments, “Due to COVID we are more vigilant with the sanitation rules and regulations.”

For instance, this year we are using paper plates, plastic silverware, and paper cups. This way we don’t have to worry about germs being left on the things we put in our mouths. This does cost more money but safety is paramount right now!

We also have plexiglass at each table that gives students protection on each side of them when they are eating and masks are not on (their back is the only part that is not protected by the plexiglass). We are also


 more vigilant about the water temperature when washing dishes. Water needs to be hot enough to kill germs. The janitor department has also provided us with a new more powerful cleaning spray. It is safe for student use but more powerful to kill germs!” 

Overall, both teachers are excellent teachers and make their classes very fun! When signing up for courses for next semester these classes are a great choice for an elective.