4 Hour Wrestling


January 14,2021 was a special night for two of the following reasons; parent night and a quad match. This year Muskego Boys Wrestling took on three teams leaving them with a victory score of 2-1. With the help of Coach Fortman and Coach Shannon the team took on wins against Appleton West and Waukesha West. 

In the game between Appleton West and Muskego the first wrestler was Dawson Lindberg, Sophomore in the weight class of 145. A good start to the match with Dawson pinning Appleton West wrestler winning the first six points for his team. Dawson’s individual score was 2-1. Nathan Schanen, Freshman in the weight class of 106 won six points for his team because the other team had to forfeit. Another significant play was JT Brandstatter, Freshman in the weight class of 120. In the first period JT got hurt, after Sarah, the high school sports medicine doctor took a look at it, he got up and pinned Appleton West. JT’s individual score was 7-1. Mason Duerwachter, Freshman with the weight class of 132 pinned Appleton West in the second period winning Muskego six points. Mason had an individual score of 4-0. The match between these two teams was amazing, but unfortunately for 

Appleton West the Muskego Warriors had to take the win making it a final overall score of 63-18. 

Game number two consisted with the following two teams; Appleton North and Muskego. This was a tough match for Muskego as Appleton North did take the win. Some players who won during this match are: Evan Huckstorf – 182 weight class- individual scores were 2-0. Evan pinned Appleton North giving Muskego their first 6 point

s. Liam Mcguire who won an automatic 6 points because Appleton North had to forfeit. At 6:09 the score was tied 18-18. Dylan Cleveland – 195 weight class- did an illegal move, but in the end made up for it when he pinned Appleton North. Dylan’s individual score was 6-1. JT Brandstatter – weight class 120- pinned the other team receiving 6 points for Muskego. For the final play. Wrestler Dawson Lindberg – weight class 145- pinned Appleton North making his individual score 6-2, but made Muskego and Appletons final score 34 Muskego and 44 Appleton North. A good match between the two schools.

Game number three. Muskego against Waukesha West. A win for Muskego and a win for every individual Muskego wrestler as they worked there hardest and came out above. Jack Forsyth- weight class 170- pinned Waukesha 

West within the second period making the score become of 8-6 and an individual score of 9-0. Evan Huckstorf- weight class 182- pins the other team making the score 12-6 and an individual score of 4-0. In period one Dylan Cleveland – weight class of 195- pinned Waukesha West with a nice approach. The most exciting pin of the night was, Bill Kruzan – weight class of 285- pinned the other team. The reason it was so exciting was because in the beginning they were both equal, but in the end Bill took the win with an individual score of 3-0. Moving along, with a streak of three pins in a row by three different wrestlers, JT Brandstatter -weight class 120- , Evan Corstvet – weight class 126- and Mason Duerwachter -weight class 132-. Mitchell Steffan – weight class of 145- wrestled once and pinned the other team within the first few minutes. Mitchell Steffan is definitely one to look out for. The overall score for game three was 52-29.

After watching the wrestling quad It is safe to say the Muskego Boys Wrestling team has a good shot of winning a lot more matches in the future. The Muskego Wrestling team is good as a whole team and as individuals.