20-21 Swish-For-A-Wish!

20-21 Swish-For-A-Wish!

Shayne Comp, Journalist

Muskego Girls Basketball has been doing Swish-For-A-Wish for a while now. Traditionally the team collects money for families who have cancer and has a fundraiser  for it. This year is a little different; they are collecting money for parents of the Heuberger family, who have two kids two, Maggie and Eli. Maggie is in 7th grade and Eli is in 5th grade. Karen the mom, went in October for a biopsy and was confirmed that she had ovarian cancer, she is taking chemo for it, but the chemo drugs she is having a reaction to them. A week after Karen found out that she had cancer, Karen’s husband Jim received a call saying in his blood had possible lymphoma.

To ease the financial burden of Karen and Jim, the Muskego Girl Basketball team is doing their annual  shooting competition to raise money for the family. The players will ask for donations and a certain amount of shots they make that’s how much money they would get. For instance if someone donates $1 for every shot made and if the player makes 65 shots out of 100 that player would collect $65 from the person who donated. People who want to donate can also just have set amount and give it to the family.


Due to COVID there won’t be a youth night for basketball where the money would be presented to the Heuberger’s, who are not in a position where they can leave the house. Additionally the Girls Youth program also helps raise money for the Heuberger’s. The Heuberger’s are very grateful for the support they are getting from friends and family and staying positive through these tough times.

Lets go Warriors!