Tonight’s Wrestling Focus: Parents


Parent night. A night where parents are the center of attention. In previous years students and parents were allowed to preview sporting events. Unfortunately, this year due to covid that has all changed. When thinking about parent night and how it is such a special way to apperatie everything their parents have done, it makes everyone especially emotional. 


Getting more insight, Landin Hey, a junior who has been wrestling since seventh grade and is currently playing on Varsity with the weight class of 220 and his mom were interviewed. Landin’s mom explained, “I think they are good together and work well as a team. I am not sure how things will end up with covid, especially if there is an outbreak within the team.” Adding on, “I think Landin is good as an individual. He likes sports and will do what he can as an individual and as a team to have a full healthy season.” Overall, Landin’s mom had wonderful things to say about Landin and the season itself! 


Interviewing Dylan Cleveland, a junior wrestler on Varsity with the weight class of 195 and his parents they had great input on how they presume the season will go. Mr and Mrs Cleveland said, “The season is going pretty well, we are surprised at how many kids are wrestling even with the mask. We think this season will be pretty short without any tournaments. We feel like they have a pretty solid wrestling team, but there is always room for improvement, Dylan and the team think it’s sad and disappointing that they lost their heavyweight [the seniors], but they still have a pretty good team.” They also spoke about Dylan saying, “I feel like Dylan has gotten a lot better since his freshman year, he always has room for improvement and everyday just gets better and better.”


Overall this season will be amazing. Not only do the students believe this but the team. But the biggest thing that matters this year is that the parents will still be able to support their children! 

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