College Tours Virtually


MHS Senior Ashlyn Campbell

The year 2020 has not been the year we all expected, especially with school. Sports have been different, dances has been different, school in general has just been different and new for all of us. This year our seniors need to set college tours up virtually through their counselor. They won’t get the full experience of touring it in person and seeing everything  in person, which could also make it harder to pick a college then. For some seniors this is a major concern.

“I am touring virtually, but I can’t get the real feel of the overall atmosphere of the college, and for me personally it’s harder to picture the campus through just videos and pictures. I’m touring the University of Kentucky, the University of Arizona, and the University of Alabama because I want to be a speech and language pathologist and I looked into the programs they offer and they are great colleges for a Communication Sciences and Disorders major,” says senior,  Ashlyn Campbell. 

MHS Guidance Counselor Mrs. Sobczak

Luckily however, Muskego counselors are going out of their way to set up tours for the students to make sure they know what they want to do when they are older and help them figure out colleges how to get into the colleges they want to go to.

According to MHS Guidance Counselor Mrs. Sobczak, “Students are able to stop in or email Mrs. Andrews, our administrative assistant, to set up a virtual meeting with a college representative. The representatives will cover general information about what the school has to offer students. If the specific date and time set up by the representative does not work for the student, we are able to connect you with a contact at the college for further assistance and communication.” Mrs. Sobczak also wants virtual students to realize that online tours are accessible and can access a school’s web site. For example, UW System schools have them all listed on