New Class at MHS: Digital Mass Media


Abigail Sajdak, Author

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

As January rolls in, Muskego students are thinking not only about the new year, but about registering for classes. This year, there is a new option being offered to students, and it can benefit everyone.


Students can now register to take Digital Mass Media I and II: year long classes that are focused on technology, communications, marketing, business, journalism, film, composition, digital storytelling, and much more. Since the class mixes elements of writing with technology, it is split into half of an English credit and half of a Technology credit. Even if students aren’t tech or business gurus, this class has something to offer for everyone.

The course description for Digital Mass Media I and II

Since the release of smartphones in 2007, media has transformed. Today, we are constantly partaking in the digital world through our cell phones, computers, tablets, and various other devices. Understanding how to share and communicate ideas through a digital platform is a necessity now, and this class can help anyone adapt to the new era of technology we’re living in.


Students in grades 10 and up can now register for Digital Mass Media I for next year, and doing so will help them expand their knowledge of technology and media, and give them unique opportunities such as creating promotional content for MHS sports and producing short films—experiences that will prepare anyone for the expansion of digital media as the years progress.