Why YOU Should Not Vape

Why YOU Should Not Vape

Bella Garofani

THC, also known as Vitamin E, is found in many vaping devices

According to The New York Times “Cases of Vaping-Related Lung Illness Surge, Health Officials Say,” there has been may severe lung illnesses linked to, guess what, vaping. In fact, a whopping 450 cases in 33 states have been reported with these lung illnesses as a result of vaping. There have also been five deaths reported since this past September. 

Just with that in mind, one may ask why do kids and adults continue to vape? Dr. David C. Christiani of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health essential tells us that vaping has grown into this really big epidemic that needs to get help right away to prevent its users from serious lung illnesses and even death. 

One particular group of individuals where vaping is quite popular among teenagers and young adults. Many of the people who are being affected by lung illnesses are indeed younger aged people. 

In Wisconsin and Illinois, patients who came in due to having trouble breathing were either hospitalized, admitted to the intensive care unit, or placed on ventilators. In total, there were 53 cases of severe lung illnesses in Wisconsin and Illinois with one common cause: vaping. 

What’s more shocking about this whole health crisis revolves around people in emergency rooms showing shortness of breath and complete discomfort, but not revealing to medical personnel that they partake in vaping. In one case, Dr. Sean J. Callahan, a pulmonologist and critical care specialist at the University of Utah finally got a clear cut answer as to why young adults continue to vape from his own patient’s response. The teenage boy responded to him that he vapes due to T.H.C. 

T.H.C, also known as vitamin E acetate, may be the key reason why people continue to vape and also what is causing the severe lung illnesses. The federal government confirmed that this compound may be a possible factor that causes the illnesses associated with lung inflammation. 

With more knowledge on this topic, think before inhaling. You never know, one simple action might save your life.