FBLA Nationals: Texas Bound!


MHS is proud to announce that the majority of the school’s FBLA team has made it to nationals this year.  For some, they have once again made it to the National Team.  For others, this is either their first time as freshmen or their last time as seniors.  Congratulations to the following groups and contestants that made it to Nationals; those with stars by their name are seniors:  *Jenna Gaglione won in the American Enterprise category.  Riley Smith won 1st place in Coding and Programing.

This is also his second year participating in Nationals.  Mason Lobner and Mitchell Salentine competed in Entrepreneurship.  Lily Varilla participated in Introduction to Business Procedures.  Matthew Redlinger and *Kaitlin Foley worked in Life Smarts.  Kaitlin won 2nd place and has the opportunity to go to Nationals for her final year in FBLA. She also participated in Publication Design with Elise Chiconas and Lucy Sackerson.  Elvis Arsiniega worked on Local Chapter Annual Business Reports.  Kate Olson, Megan Schieder and Luke Foye worked as a team for a Partnership with Business Project.  *Adam Kierzek won with his Sales Presentation.  Mitchell Salentine, Alex Dunn and Aiden Zdrojewski competed in the Virtual Business Management Challenge in the fall, and later on, Nabeel Bhimani and Adam Putz competed for the  Virtual Business Management Challenge in the Spring.  All these FBLA members are going to San Antonio, Texas for Nationals this year, starting on June 27th to July 3rd.  It’s a long time down South, but MHS will be behind them for another successful year.  Good luck to all!